b. 1986, HK.

100 Models_Cover.jpg

100 Models is an exhibition by BKK Architects that celebrates the network of ideas within an architecture studio. Each model is a fusion of influences – culture, technology, science, philosophy, politics and urbanism – that are processed by our collective design intelligence. Each model is an unpolished prototype, folly, or experiment made to be handled, observed, critiqued, bent, prodded, turned upside-down, broken, and stuck back together. Each model is the collateral produced in the pursuit of architecture.

This exhibition is an expression of 3D possibilities. It is a testament to our need for physical models within a digitally rich world. As a constellation of experiments with no known outcome, 100 Models demonstrates that ideas can brought into existence without being representative of a resolved design proposition. This proliferation of models reaffirms the importance of this haptic feedback loop; of generating, reflecting and iterating in the BKK studio.

Since our founding in 2000, BKK has fostered a growing network of thinkers – artists, engineers, curators and designers – through collaboration and dialogue. Coupled with our enduring interest in digital methods of making, our creative practice is defined only by its curiousness. 100 Models represents our culture of collaboration and experimentation, and engagement in the world around us.